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May-June 2023


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Business Goals

User Retention
LevelUp Ad Boost

Creating an Ad Boosting Feature

Level Up is the ultimate mobile app for basketball players who want to improve their skill level in basketball.
Level Up is interested in a redesign of its mobile app for basketball players who want to improve their skill level in basketball.
The goal of this particular project is to add a feature that would let coaches boost their post into ads that would improve event visibility and make it easier for users to join their events.


Building upon the previous feature from the Level Up case study, Part 2 delves into the subsequent stages without reiterating the research portion covered in Part 1.

If you missed the first section or just want a refresher of the research, tap the button below to go back to the beginning of Level Up.

Problem Statement

How can we make it easy for users to join pickup games and train together.

  • The following are the key performance metrics we would like to improve: Increased User Engagement and Higher User Retention Rates.
  • We can measure the success of the solution in terms of user retention & engagement.

Why Boost Posts to Ads

Why let the coaches boost their posts?

  • Engagement: Since the goal is to boost retention this is the feature that will give coaches more opportunities to show people their content and it will get the users engaging in the app a lot longer.
  • The Coins! (The Mula) They also can use it to boost long term income for the company as a whole. So not only does it help with retention for the coaches, it also helps the company financially as a whole.
  • Pick Up Games/Events: The research indicated that users need assistance in discovering suitable locations for playing basketball games and connecting with others who share their interests. Allowing coaches to create pickup games, training events, and other activities helps maintain the credibility of the events, reducing user frustration that could arise from events being created but not attended.

User Flows

I wanted to visualize the user's journey with the selected feature. To achieve this, I created a high-level user flow, outlining the path that users would take and the interactions they would have with the feature from start to finish.

Sketched Prototypes

Once I understood how users would interact with the app, my next move was to visualize its design.

  • I entered the design phase and made sketched prototypes to connect the concept with its visual look. After creating the prototypes, I tested them with users to see how well they worked and if they were easy to use.
  • During the user testing process, we as a team decided to test each other's prototypes, excluding our own, with external individuals. This approach was chosen to ensure that we obtained genuine and unbiased feedback. By observing how users interacted with the prototypes, we could identify whether they could complete tasks smoothly or encountered any obstacles, providing valuable insights for further refinement.
  • Additionally, I used cognitive walkthroughs to assess the app's usability from the user's point of view. This method involved simulating user interactions and thought processes to identify potential usability issues and evaluate how effectively the app helps users accomplish their objectives.

Final Draft

Based on the feedback from user testing on the sketched prototype, I made improvements to the high-fidelity mockup.

  • By carefully considering valuable user input, I enhanced the overall user experience.
  • A key change was eliminating unnecessary screens and steps in the user flow, creating a smoother and more user-friendly journey from start to finish, making the interaction with the product more efficient.


The addition of an option for ad boosting in Level Up's app for basketball coaches aiming to promote pickup games or training events can yield various positive outcomes. While specific percentage values would depend on multiple factors, here are potential results:

30% Increased Event Visibility
45% Revenue Generation
300% Higher Participation Rates
300% Positive Impact on App Retention
300% Community Building

Increased Event Visibility: 20-40%
Coaches using ad boosting can expect a higher visibility for their pickup games or training events, reaching a broader audience within the app.
Revenue Generation: 10-20%
If the ad boosting feature involves a paid promotion model, the app may generate additional revenue from coaches willing to invest in promoting their events.
Higher Participation Rates: 15-30%
Boosted events are likely to attract more participants, leading to increased attendance and engagement during pickup games or training sessions.
Positive Impact on App Retention: 15-30%
Users actively participating in boosted events may be more likely to continue using the app over time, leading to improved retention rates.
Community Building: 20-40%
Boosted events can foster a sense of community within the app, with users connecting over shared interests in specific pickup games or training sessions.

Regularly monitoring analytics, collecting user feedback, and adjusting the ad boosting feature based on user behavior can help optimize its impact over time. Additionally, promotional campaigns and incentives for coaches to use this feature can influence its effectiveness.


One of the most gratifying moments of this project was when one the CEO's of Level Up expressed his admiration for my ideas and expressed his intent to implement them in future developments.
My actual feature will be shipped soon!
During our video conference meeting, the CEO even requested to take a screenshot with my designs to feature in his blog. This experience has instilled a great sense of pride and confidence in my abilities, which I'm excited.

As I wrap up this part of the story, let's talk about what's coming next for the project.

  • I would really be looking forward to harnessing the full potential of the app's AI capabilities. Imagine, after you finish doing something in the app, it could suggest other cool things you might like. It's like having a friend who knows what you're into and recommends the best stuff.
  • The map is a big deal for our users, and I'm all about making it even better. I would be tweaking it based on what users tell us and adding in new techie stuff to make it even smoother. The goal is to keep the app growing and evolving, so it stays awesome for everyone who loves basketball.
  • In the ever-evolving landscape of digital experiences, these strategic considerations pave the way for a future where the app not only meets but exceeds user expectations. The journey doesn't end here; it transforms into an exciting trajectory of continuous improvement and innovation.

The other 2 features to present to the stakeholders

Push Notifications
What keeps most apps engaging and users coming back? Push notifications! They are widely used across various platforms, and here is no exception. We have explored different notification strategies to keep players returning and staying engaged.
Push notifications for events held by other players or coaches, are the ideal push notifications that would bring users back time and time again.
Although I wasn't responsible for designing and building the entire feature and user flow, I contributed by creating the landing screen that would be displayed once the notification was selected and opened. (the 1st screen on the left)



Coach Connect
The Coach Connect feature on the Level Up app offers users a delightful experience, resembling the feeling of browsing through a tender platform while exploring coaches. The objective is to create an engaging platform that showcases extensive details and information about coaches in an appealing manner. By doing so, we aim to keep users on the app for longer periods, increasing the potential for purchases and enhancing overall user satisfaction.
Although I wasn't responsible for designing the user flow and low/mid fidelity wireframes, I contributed by creating the Coach's Feed and the screen that would be displayed once the coach was selected. (all screens shown)


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